Easy to Use

Internet and website development de-mystified !


Our websites are easy to use, with a clean layout that easily allows users to find what they are searching for and to navigate through the website with ease. Our presentation promotes a user friendly experience that promotes retainability and conversions to sales or inquiries.

We integrate your needs and goals into a well-functioning website that is interactive, looks great and is easy to use and navigate around. We work with you on a one on one basis throughout the web development process.


Works on all Mobile DevicesmobileDevices

All our websites work on all mobile devices and retain their quality on every platform from cell phones, tablets, laptops to desktops. Our responsive websites resize and adjust to fit the screen size of the device it is being viewed on while retaining its quality. This ensures a consistent experience for the user that truly sets you apart from your competitors.





We design new websites and redesign your existing website for  fresh new look !



We Support You & Your Website for a Seamless Experience

After your website is up and running we will not leave you “high and dry”. Some clients like to learn to make chanlifesaver-34525_640ges on their own and some don’t. We can help you either way. Clients each have individual levels of desired control. We do not jealously cling to our skills but instead, work openly to help you understand what works and why and how to continually make improvements. We are committed to client service. we take time to learn your business to know your needs, how to speak to your audience and grasp what truly makes your special. As we learn your process, we also educate ourselves so we can encourage a positive working relationship and understanding that will grow throughout the years.


Content Management Systems (CMS)

WS-constructionWe use Content Management Systems to develop your website. We define CMS as software, a basic system to start with rather than “re-inventing the wheel”. CMS is open source software, which is another name for FREE. To you, as a client, this means you are not paying for a license for software and are not paying a monthly fee for its use.

Another advantage is its’ ease of use enables us to help you learn to make your own edits, if desired, and be as independent of your website development company as you choose to be. Because they are so commonly used in website development your dependence on any one developer is non-existent. We want your business but we don’t want you to feel “stuck” with us – we do not require any contracts and try to take the mystery out of website design to match your level of developmental interest.

The Content Management Systems we use for business websites are WordPress and Concrete 5, for eCommerce we use WooCommerce and Magento. Feel free to look them up on the internet to see these opportunities for yourself!



Our packages start as low as $500. This includes 4 pages filled with up to 6 of your own photographs, dynamic…search engine friendly content, upload of your logo, a domain name and hosting for three months. Afterwards we offer hosting on our server with GoDaddy for $10 per month for up to 10 pages or 100 products in ecommerce applications. For larger applications minimal additional charges may apply.

If you don’t have photographs, icons, illustrations we can help – there are a variety of sources that range in price from FREE (FREE is always good) or starting at $3 per photo and more. We will be glad to share our sources with you as we work together to mutually design and develop a site that will make you proud.

We want to work with you and help you get started on the web. Please call us today (480) 206-0994